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The Birth Partner Penny Simkin : EBOOK

Penny Simkin

This is a really fantastic resource for any person in a supportive role to a pregnant woman.

The book goes into explicit but easily digestible detail of pregnancy, different types of labor, the types of support one can offer in labor, what you'll encounter in a home birth vs a hospital birth, basic baby care after the birth, and caring for the mother throughout the entire process.

It also covers the different styles of birth from home births to hospitals and natural labor to different medications that can be used. The tone of the book is really open and doesn't push any agenda of which way is better over another. Instead, pros and cons are laid out for each, and the book is really educational so that the mother and partner can make informed decisions. It's very pro-mother and its theme is that the mother's choices are the right choices for her.

As a co-mother, I found the book to be inclusive of different support partners, as well.

The book also offers a ton of resources with a number of links to videos, references to websites and other books.

It's really a must-have read.


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The Birth Partner book

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