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Go Nitro: Rise of the Blades Jeremy N. Dooley | PDF download

Jeremy N. Dooley

A thrilling sci-fi, superhero novel, where in the distant future, a gang of thieves and murderers called The Blades have begun their assault on Lattice Light City. Dr. Phillip Redman, a scientist out to protect the citizens of the city, initiates his biggest, and most controversial experiment to date. Project Nitro. Five individuals are transformed zinto super-powered biohumans. Each with their own unique abilities to better help their cause. Together, they must fight through the ranks of The Blades, to reach their mysterious leader and stop whatever The Blades have planned for Lattice Light. However, with dangerous chemicals, new technology, and super-powered villains lining the streets, The Nitros will need to master their abilities and perfect the art of teamwork in order to survive and finally bring the reign of The Blades to an end.


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Go Nitro: Rise of the Blades book

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